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Wednesday, October 21st, 2009
3:43 pm - Hello LJ
I am still alive, honest. I can be found tweeting and blogging still. I still check LJ everyday pretty much but just haven't had the motivation to update lately I guess.

Anyway, Uni is grand. I think I will love being a librarian. I love dewey decimel system, it's so clever and 'cute', as my lecturer keeps calling it. I know that's a very geeky thing to say but hey.. I am a geek. I've been baking lots of cakes and even had 2 customers so far! Only friends, but it's a start I guess. I can't do too much with uni and work anyway, so about one order a week is good going.

OH! My sister got married too! I was her bridesmaid, we all scrubbed up really well. I had my hair all curly and my make up done by a make up artist, I felt so pretty. Although my dress started to hurt me after a while, I do prefer practicality over prettiness haha.

It was a lovely day! I also went pumpkin picking last weekend. I've got so many pumpkins I don't know what to do with them! Well, i'm sure I'll manage, making lots of pumpkin cupcakes and pumpkin soup, yum.

Errr that's pretty much it I guess. I can't believe it's october already really. November will be good because I am going to visit my dear dear friend Emma in London, where she's moved for a job (a JOB! an adult job! terrifying...) and I'm going to Bath with scott and his family at the end of november for the christmas market. Christmas shopping! Spiced warm cider! :D

How are you all? I hope you're all well. ♥

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Monday, August 24th, 2009
9:59 pm
I haven't updated in so long! Since my last update I have -

Turned 21 -
my 21st birthday


Been to paris -
view from the pompidou

Made ice cream with my new ice cream maker - (this is actually sorbet)
summer fruits sorbet

Visited Betty's in Harrogate for afternoon tea -
Betty's, Harrogate

And also I have made lots and lots of blackberry jam with all the blackberries that are growing around here. There is such a good crop this year and it's not quite the peak of the season yet! I am going to make blackberry sorbet, blackberry pie, blackberry crumble bars and probably more jam too.

I also had a job interview on Thursday. I think that the interview went okay, but perhaps my lack of experience let me down as they asked me things like 'give me an example of a time you had to work to a tight budget' and 'give an example of a time you had to work to a specific target and did you acheive those results'. I gave decent examples, but they only related to my time at university. Ho hum. Also, they made me write a report at the end of it which I think may have let me down on it. BUT the day before I had my interview, my old tutor emailed me about some jobs at The Reader. The Reader is that organisation I had an interview at for an internship but didn't get it. Anyway, the job vacancy is more like what I want to do - working in the community doing reading groups, this one is for with young people in Knowsley mostly. So that would be a really good opportunity for me if I didn't get the other job. (TBH I would prefer the reader one because although it is less money, I would love to work for the reader because they are so passionate about literature whereas in the other interview, which was for a read for health officer, they didn't ask me ANYTHING about literature which was pretty crap. Also, it would be in Liverpool and then me and Scott could get our own place in Liverpool whilst he does his phd. Did I mention he's got a phd studentship?! Well he has, clever clogs. Finding a cure for some weird disease or something)

I've also been looking into librarianship masters, as I would love to work in a community library promoting literature. Applied for a few library graduate trainee jobs too but didn't hear anything back. Rubbish. Considering that a few weeks ago I was like omg what can I do? I now have lots of options available which is good (hopefully!).

Tomorrow I'm going to an ice cream farm in Cheshire, I love going into the countryside in Cheshire! There are so many good farms and pick your owns and stuff. Oh and it's 4 weeks til my sister's wedding! My dress is all sorted, I am getting rather excited about being a bridesmaid.

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Monday, June 29th, 2009
9:24 am
I got a 2.1! I know everyone and their dog probably did but still. I was also especially pleased to find out that I got a first for my dissertation. Graduation is in less than 2 weeks now, a week on Friday infact. And my birthday is a week on Thursday! I am so excited.

new dress

Then 2 weeks yesterday me and Scott go to Paris. Such a busy week! I am in love with this dress from Topshop. I nearly didn't get it because Scott said he didn't like it, but then I did anyway (who cares what boys think?!) and I am so pleased I did. Also - look at my new shoes! Primark! I love them. They had them in red, black and blue too and it's so tempting to get another pair. I love classic shoes like that rather than chunky gladiator ones that seem to be all the rage now. I just can't do them! Urgh I'm in work in an hour now, 10:30 til 4:30, then back in at 6. I don't know why I do this, but I think it's because I'm too nice and don't like saying no to hours at work. Especially because I always feel like if I say no, I won't get asked again and plus there aren't many hours at the moment anyway for staff without contracts. Damn recession.

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Sunday, June 14th, 2009
10:09 pm
strawberry cheesecake cupcakes

At the moment I am loving all the fresh fruit that is in season. Aldi are selling cherries for 49p a punnet! Amazing! Also really want to go strawberry picking. We went to go the other week but they weren't ready yet :( Might go this weekend, they should be ready for picking by then. Abve are some strawberry cheesecake cupcakes that I helped Scott make for his head of department in uni because it was his birthday. That sounds really swotty I suppose but it is a small department and they're all quite close! Plus he often takes my cakes in for them. Gives me an excuse to bake really.

The student associate scheme has got better, especially when I received my £200 cheque in the post on Saturday morning haha. I also found a good job to apply for, working as a graduate mentor for Aim Higher in Liverpool. As part of this scheme I have had to 'widen participation' which is a big thing for Aim Higher, getting more people into higher education. I have prepared a presentation to give to a year 10 tutor group and I'm going to ask if I can give a presentation to an english class too, maybe an A level one, because then I can talk specifically about my course and stuff. Searching for jobs that I have all the qualifications for is seriously like searching for a needle in a haystack. I am only applying for about 1 job a week at the moment, because I want to put more effort into each application. I read somewhere it's better to do that than apply for just a million jobs for the sake of it. Quality and not quantity and all that. I haven't heard back from Barnardos even though they said they would get back to me by Wednesday. I know some companies don't get back to interviewees if they're not successful but they didn't specifiy that so I am a bit annoyed. Oh well. I am sure something good will turn up. After my birthday and I get back from Paris in July I'm going to up the ante on the job hunt and maybe start doing some volunteer work too, like in a charity shop or youth work.

In other less boring news, I have had a nice relaxing weekend spent just lazing about with Scott. On Friday we got takeaway from Yummy Yums, hmm I love chinese food. Then last night we didn't really do much. I played on the sims 3 for a little bit then we had a nice lie in this morning. What an exciting life I lead! Hopefully this weekend coming will be a bit better, I will try to go strawberry picking again. Might also go shopping to try to find a pretty dress for my birthday parties (yes, I am having TWO parties because I am that special haha, one is a family affair and then another will be a more drunken affair with friends, I am rather excited. I have ordered invites that I will send out this week if they come...oh my, 21!)

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Thursday, May 14th, 2009
7:07 pm
revision break

I have been SUCH a fatty during my exams/essays. I've had 2 of these today but they are so good. My mum made them (she's getting the baking bug off me!). They are a brownie base, cheesecake layer and then raspberry cream ontop. SO FATTY SO GOOD! Yum. The cream is my favourite bit really, it has real raspberries all mushed up in it. The colours are so pretty too.

Final exam tomorrow, doing some last minute cramming now. I feel a bit complacent because I always seem to do okay in exams but this makes me feel like tomorrow I will be all jittery again - like I was before my speculative fictions exam and felt like I was going to be sick because of nerves.

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Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
2:47 pm
carrot cake

It was my Nana's 75th birthday at the weekend so we had a little party. I was in charge of the birthday cake (of course!). My Nana doesn't like things that are too sweet so i thought a carrot cake would be good. I cooked it all according to the recipe and then it came out SO FLAT! I was like uh. So my Mum made another layer by halving the recipe. Then she realised that I had used plain flour instead of self raising! Doh! But her layer didn't even rise much more (it is the top layer for reference). It did have a lighter texture but no-one could notice it when eating the cake. the icing was lovely too, orange cream cheese icing.

I finished off my dissertation that evening and handed it in yesterday. I forgot to take a photo of it like i said I would! I've been so sleepy the past few days though, so please excuse me. Infact, I may have a nap today. Only one exam left, on Friday. Wheeee. I also found a really good job to apply for in Manchester Council, my title would be 'book award officer'. Basically you arrange the Manchester book award among the libraries, which is a kid's book award. It helps to promote reading with kids in youth centres, libraries and schools. You also have to talk to publishers and authors, hold reading groups in the libraries, talk to the press, etc. Then arrange a big fancy event for 400 people, including kids, authors, librarians, etc. It sounds ACE basically. I'm not getting my hopes up too much but applying for it can't harm can it? I think i tick all the boxes but of course if there is someone internal or with more experience they'd get it... Other than that there are a few internships I'm applying for but nothing really as closely linked to literature as that.

Oh and yes, I got spotify! I am enjoying it lots at the moment but need new music recommendations to take advantage of it, so please, tell me what you're enjoying listening to at the moment and/or is good to revise to. Back to the revision now and a big cup of tea!

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Sunday, May 10th, 2009
10:47 am
Nina, posing.

How cute is Nina getting to be at all? I remember when we first got her - she was like a little wild monster! She would growl at us if we tried to pick her up, attack Pepe (he had scratches all over his neck!), steal Pepe's food and even try to bite us. Seriously, we were so close to sending her back. Especially because Pepe was like a changed dog - so quiet and sad! Luckily we perservered and things got better. She's calmed down lots - I think we actually tamed the monster haha. Now she is so adorable. She gets on a lot better with Pepe now and Pepe actually doesn't mind her. They play together lots. She doesn't steal his food anymore - infact it's the other way round! They actually share their food out, Pepe will eat hers but drops little bits for her to eat as she sits next to him, patiently waiting. They curl up together in the chair in the window, both bark at cats and dogs that walk past and chase each other around all the time. Nina is really loveable now too, she always wants to sit on your knee and she loves to get on my bed. She really hates being left alone! Ahh they're both so cute, like little people. It's so funny how different their personalities are - Pepe is the grumpy one and Nina is the hyper, loud one. I am such a crazy dog lady, but I love them both.

Today I shall finish my dissertation off. Sometimes I read through it and think 'yeah this is ace!' then other times I read through it and I'm like 'god, this is such tripe'. I guess I'll just have to hand it in on Tuesday whatever I think of it. Hah.

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Sunday, April 26th, 2009
5:39 pm
I'm on the hard last slog now. It's like when you're running a race and you have moments when you think the finish line is so far away, but then once it gets in sight, you push yourself 110% and just want to get it over with! 2 weeks on Tuesday my dissertation is due in, then last exam is 2 weeks on Friday. I've also got an interview on 6th May for an internship at The Reader which I want so so so much! I'm going to do my research for it and really try to impress them loads. Infact I'm now listening to an interview with the founder of the magazine on radio merseyside (swot!)

I took a break from uni work on Friday to go out to Liverpool for Corinne's birthday. I'd been doing 1000 words a day the past week to make sure I could go out! It was a good night out because of good company and I didn't get too drunk, but the music in Le Bateau was dire! It was like being in about 2004: muse, old yeah yeah yeahs, the strokes, old arctice monkeys...which I wouldn't mind in small doses but not ALL! But it was boring music anyway. I was so tired on Saturday, Pepe and Nina woke me up really early at 8am, so I decided to just get up and try to do something with the day, but I was too tired. I went back to bed at 9, but they kept barking and wanting to get on the bed with me and then jumping back off and wanting me to open the door! Grr! I did manage to get some more sleep though and finally got up at 12. Lazy lazy.

honey loaf

Today I made a honey loaf from Rachel Allen's Bake, it is delicious. Not too sweet. Tomorrow I'm going to try some slightly toasted and buttered for breakfast to set me up for a day in Uni. Only 2 more weeks of lectures left. I'm excited yet worried, but I am already planning on what books I'm going to read when I finish! I am such a geek; I will really miss reading and discussing literature and maybe even writing essays... But the freedom after graduation will be great. I am so excited for the summer. Even if I do get the internship, which means I would be working 9-5, I won't have to come home and then do uni work and worry about deadlines, etc. I can just relax and have the weekends to myself.

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Thursday, April 16th, 2009
5:05 pm
The other day I emailed my dissertation (so far!) off to my dissertation superviser and I was almost dreading receiving a reply off her. My literature review was so hard - I've never had to do one before and plus it was a lot of pyschology rather than literature, which is what I'm used to. (My dissertation is on the benefits of reading groups for mental health patients, based on my own experience in a group in a mental health day centre, so it isn't very 'literary' at all!). Anyway, this morning I had an email back off her and she said it was 'looking good' so far and that it was 'fascinating to read'!! I was so excited and pleased! She called it FASCINATING! I expect most dissertation supervisers don't experience that with most dissertations being on things already studied lots. But yes, I was so pleased. I had been lacking motivation for it lately too, so this can give me the motivation to spur me on for this last month.

Today I went to the library to get some books out and also popped into Liverpool city centre to visit the new Cath Kidston shop which is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! All the people who work there are so nice, it makes me wish I had got a job there :( It's so huge too though. I really wanted to buy everything, but obviously I couldn't so I just got a tea cup and a teapot and a make up bag. I might ask for 3 more of the tea cups for my birthday for tea parties!

I've been really lacking in inspiration lately though, I think it's having too much work to do! When I wake up in the morning I just put on whatever is closest in my wardrobe! I've been wearing jeans lots too just because I'm too lazy to get tights out of my drawer. Isn't that terrible? I want more new clothes though. I saw a beautiful dress in zara today, it was strapless and in the most beautiful shade of green, like a pistachio colour. Looked like delicious ice cream. I would quite like more pastels actually... Ice cream colours yum. I took my camera out today too with the aim of taking some photos around Liverpool, but I just couldn't be bothered. I hope that in a month I feel more creative!

PS. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on my last entry!

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Friday, March 27th, 2009
4:57 pm
God I haven't posted in so long. It's nearly April now! Dissertation is not going brilliantly, but Modern American Fiction is going pretty darn swell. Got a 68 on my last essay, was proper pleased with it. Sad thing is that it counts for nothing, but hopefully it means I'm doing something pretty good and I can do my assessed essay just as well. I'm planning on writing it on The portrayal of mental illness in The Bell Jar & Tender Is The Night. Awesome, y/y?

I will certainly miss studying Literature next year. I have been volunteering in the English department of a local school though to get some experience. Some of the kids are terrible! and so cheeky. One of them kept asking how old I was, what my plans were for tonight, etc. That's the year 11s though. The year 7s on the other hand are so so cute! Bless them. One of them wrote in their leaflet about the globe theatre 'come and visit the gob theater, 1 penis for entry and 3 penis for entry and a cheer'. I hope you can all decipher that....

scones and cake

Last Friday it was my grandad's 85th birthday, so we had a little tea party for him. I made this delicious mocha cake from rachel allen bake, and scones of course. And also brownies and shortbreads. There was way too much!  I'm currently applying for a PGCE, going to send an application off for an internship at The Reader magazine, doing my dissertation and baking cakes of course. I can't wait to just graduate and finish everything, but on the other hand I am scared about not being in education! Oh well...

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Friday, February 20th, 2009
10:50 am

Got my first semester results back! 63 for contemporary literature (think I could've done so much better on this really, I enjoyed this module lots) and 67 for speculative fictions! I am so chuffed with this, it's actually my best mark for a literature module so far. So that equals 65, which is a pretty darn solid 2:1 which is what I am hoping for. Just have to try as hard or even harder this semester! I got 65 for my speculative fictions essay but that means I must have got over 67 on the exam maybe? That was the exam I was pooing my pants over aswell! Phew, relief.

Today is my Mum's birthday and she's going out for Lunch with my Dad so I'm left in charge of the doggies. Going to take them for a nice walk after, it'll do me good too. Today is payday and I so so so want to go shopping or at least buy something online, there are so many nice things I want and especially after getting these good exam results...I feel like I should treat myself. Buy clothes or change money into Euros?

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
12:20 pm
vanilla cupcakes

I am the cupcake queen yesss.. I am so pleased with this batch. I love my piping kit, it makes them look so impressive but it's so easy. One day, my dream of opening a bakery will come true...

Not much is happening lately. I just want third year to be over with now, but then on the other hand I don't because I have no idea what I'm going to do really when I graduate. I have a vague plan... I can't wait to have some time off though and not be stressing over pieces of work and stuff.

I am also on a 'no buy february' to save pennies to spend on macaroons in Paris. Lots of lovely spring clothes are coming into the shops though and although I haven't been shopping, I can't help but window shop online! I already have lots of clothes though and eating macaroons will be better than having a nice dress or something.

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Monday, February 2nd, 2009
9:09 pm
SNOW DAY! Hurrah. Didn't get into uni today because of the bloody trains which means I never got to make a careers appointment but there is plenty of time to do it in. Instead I've had quite a relaxing day, took photos, ate white chocolate and blueberry cookies and took the dogs for a walk.


The snow is so pretty, I almost wish we could be covered in a blanket of snow everyday.

Now I am doing a bit of work for my dissertation then will go to bed with Hemingway to do some reading. I like Modern American Fiction far better than Early modern women writers so much already, I've not even had a class yet!

Oh, also, please vote for me in Bakebakebake's monthly theme contest! I already voted for myself...hehe.

Mine is the chocolate orange quadruple layer cake! It was so yum.

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Sunday, February 1st, 2009
9:32 pm
I've booked flights and a hotel for Paris! Yesss! I am so excited. Me and Scott are going on the 12th July and returning on the 15th, just after my 21st. We can see all the bastille day celebrations too. I have spent all day looking around google earth - their street view photos for Paris are amazing and so helpful in getting your bearings.

I've had quite a stressful week - I think it's going to be a stressful semester really. Just hope I get a degree out of it and hopefully a job... I have no idea what i'm going to do when I graduate. The PGCE I wanted to do now has no vacancies so I might take a year out and apply for it in september to start in september 2010. That seems like such a way off though... I'm going to book a careers appointment and discuss it though.
pancakes for breakfast

On friday morning I made american style pancakes with Scott. I was feeling so blah though that they barely even cheered me up. I am such a worry-pot and once I start worrying about something I just can't stop.

Oh I have also started up my twitter! I've added most people who I know have one....does anyone else?! I need more twitter friends otherwise I will just abandon it!

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Thursday, January 29th, 2009
2:03 pm

Aw how cute is Pepe? Bless him. His moustache is such a mess. He gets food in it and then gets all messy when he sleeps and he doesn't let us brush it down or anything! Maybe he likes being a little scruff.

Semester 2 has started again! I have changed modules from Early Modern Women Writers to Modern American Fiction - much more me. I don't think I could have coped on Early Modern Women Writers. When I say early modern, I don't mean like Virginia Woolf and stuff, but like Aphra Behn, Amelia Lanier and other unheard of stuff from the 17th century. Yawn. Now I'm in my 3rd year, I feel like I really like more modern and contemporary stuff. Okay, maybe I'm not a 'proper' English academic because I don't like renaissance literature and can barely understand it to be honest, but I wanted to study English because I enjoy reading and that, so I feel I should study things I enjoy reading now. I'll probably do better too, because I'll be interested in it. I know I get dire marks if I don't 'connect' with a text.

Today I went for the first swim in about 6 months. I did 30 lengths in 30 minutes which was pretty much my old speed so I must still be quite fit! This pleases me. Now, I am going to relax and read some of The Bell Jar (since that's on my reading list! squee!)

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Thursday, January 15th, 2009
3:48 pm
chocolate orange cupcakes

Yesterday I took a break from revision (like a wholes day break!) to bake some cakes. Today I am revising over Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for my exam on Tuesday - it's going quite well so far. I can't wait for my exams to be over (although it does mean scary dissertation and scary final semester ever ever ever). My plan for this year is to do more film photography and visit more exhibitions, read more books, watch more films, etc. How this will be possible realistically with my workload I don't quite know...But oh well. I can't remember the last time I got a film developed though. I know it's because of my dslr, but still. I miss my LCA and my praktica and I feel like a bad camera owner so I am going to make them feel loved again!

I'm also doing the evening photography for my sister's wedding, so I was looking into external flashes for my camera. They are quite expensive, I think I'l get the SB 400 because that is £93 and is the cheapest (I know!!! I never knew they were so expensive...) I also really want a fisheye lens after seeing shesbenevolent 's photos using one. But they're all over £300 but there are some lens adapter things I think that are cheaper and also make fisheye photos? I might just get one of them with my christmas money anyway to experiment with - it'd take good evening photos of all the guests too. It's about 8 months til the wedding now! and 6 until I am 21..

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Friday, January 9th, 2009
11:30 am - I hate exams and essays after christmas
Why oh why do they give us horrible deadlines just after christmas? One essay due in on monday, one due in on Tuesday and an exam on Tuesday. The first essay is finished, second one is halfway there and revision is well...a bit non-existent really. Pft. I will get it all done though, I even cancelled work on sunday so I can have a big fat revision day. Going to finish my last essay today YES I CAN!

To have a big moan about uni work/fear of graduation and also to shop, I went into Liverpool with Emma on Monday. I didn't really buy anything except some tights from Primark and these beautiful shoes!

new shoes

Yes, they were only £15! £15!!!! They should have been £55, and they are real leather and made in Spain, which always pleases me (I am not just biased, good quality shoes are made in Spain!). Technically, for me, they were free since I used vouchers, so it's a win/win situation. They have a good heel on them, not too high, so I may even be able to walk into uni with these on. Right, back to essay hell I go.

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Friday, December 26th, 2008
2:23 pm
christmas table

christmas tree

merry christmas from pepe!

I hope everyone had a lovely christmas. I got some wonderful presents, including a new lens for my camera and some KG shoes off Scott! Pepe and Nina both enjoyed christmas too, it was Nina's first christmas and she was a bit too excited and naughty! Tut tut. Now I am debating whether to do any Uni work or take photos of my presents hmmm...

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
10:21 pm - nearly christmas...
So nearly christmas yet so much to do before it is! I am nowhere near as organised as i was last year but maybe that is because I've been working more, both for uni and for work at The Brindley. Anyway, this weekend me and Scott went to Bath after being in much need of a break for all semester. It was lovely. I want to go back. I love being away with just Scott and we don't check our emails, hardly use our phones, and actually have quite a lot of privacy. Bath is also lovely too, the georgian buildings and amazing shops!

me at the baths
Me at the Roman Baths!

me and scott
Me and scott <3 lub lub

that thing about 2008...Collapse )

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Monday, December 1st, 2008
10:35 pm
Hello new and old friends. 24 days until Christmas. I have been snooping on asos for christmas presents and stuff and am kind of annoyed at how the VAT cuts have effected the prices. Prices are now stupid like £4.38 and stuff. I like round and logical numbers!

I went bowling on Saturday night, after working an 11 hour shift and then driving in the dark and the fog to L.A. Bowl. I won one game, I was so chuffed. My echnique is rubbish, once I even dropped the ball backwards a la Wii Sports, only in real life and ten times more embarassing.

Yes, lots of action shots.

The start of advent today too! Scott got me the cutest calendar ever, it's one of those you fill yourself and he stuffed it jam packed with lots of chocolates. I am going to be one fat girl by christmas.

my advent calendar

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